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More New Plants!

A box came last night with four new really great plants. I acquired these through a transaction on the The Planted Tank Forum (external link). The fellow who sent them obviously knows what he’s doing. These are beautiful plants.

New Plants 25-IV-09

New Plants 25-IV-09

The plants did not ship in water. I just placed them in warm aquarium water so that they could breath.

<em>Ranunculus inundatus</em>

Ranunculus inundatus

<em>Cryptocoryne cordata</em>

Cryptocoryne cordata

<em>Polygonum</em> 'Kawagoneum'

Polygonum 'Kawagoneum'

<em>Limnophila aromatica</em>

Limnophila aromatica

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  1. Phillip Brown says

    What great quality plants, I like that Polygonum in particular.

  2. Anupam says

    The Ranunculus inundatus looks like a very interestin plant. I hope you have great success growing it (and bring a stem or two to the MAGC meet :-)

  3. Hydrophyte says

    Hey it’s great to hear from you! I’ll do my best–that one is reportedly a little more tricky. It might be a somewhat hardier in emersed culture than as an underwater plant, as many things are.

  4. Ghazanfar Ghori says

    I cannot be sure without more pictures, but that Crypt. cordata appears to be Crypt. pontederfolia

  5. Hydrophyte says


    great to hear from you!

    i’m pretty sure that is something other than pontederifolia. i also have some pontederifolia and this looks different. the guy who sold it to me as C. cordata seemed to have a real good grip on his plant ID’s. i will try to post another picture or two soon.

    i have a bunch more crypts with no species determinations. i hope to post pictures of some of these too and look for help with what they might be.


Continuing the Discussion

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